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This form is for customer support only. I am a one woman running store, so it is easy to get in touch with me. You can email me directly to or you can fill out this form. All other inquiry's please scroll down.

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Earn Free Items, Commission, and Discounts!!

Model for Me


Model applications will be taken on January 1st 2021.

Lets start a fresh new year together. Models of any age are welcomed. Parents and guardians for models under 18 years of age must sign a release form before sessions are taken. Models 18 years and older must sign a release form before sessions are taken. Build your portfolio while receiving huge discounts on items. 

Models must have multiple social media platforms with significant following. Models can sign up as an influencer as well. 

I could be the photographer or I may partner with a up and coming local photographer.

Models can earn free items and discounts up to 40% off. Custom orders are welcomed and are required to pay in full and pre-sign the release form in order to receive 40% off.

Photoshoots are scheduled for Saturday's. 

Please submit a seperate application form to apply.



A new application and requirements for influencers will begin January 1st 2021. Influencers will start earning commission on sales. You will also earn free items throughout the year as well as your own discount code to promote.


The new requirements are you must have 1000 followers on select social media platforms. Pages are reviewed before acceptance. You are then given a personal discount code that will be yours to promote. Your first sale with your discount code will earn your first free item. Every sale you make with your discount code, you will earn 10% commission. 

Influencers are also not required to show their face, voice or promote anything personal on their social media. You can promote my items with your own free will. 

Please submit a seperate application form to apply.



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