Keeping it Local

I invite handmade local artists and business owners to talk about their business.

Help Me to Help You to Help Them

Help Me (AliAliOoop Boutique) to Help You (insert your business name here) to Help Them (Audience and Consumers)

There is no scam here, but we can all agree Yzma has a pitch to take a stand on ABC's Shark Tank.

This platform is to be used as another outlet to get your business name circulating through the internet. The more you're talked about through SEO, the more likely people will stumble on your page, your website, your events and thus creating more traffic.

West Texas Supports Small

No matter the competition, or flood in market, we support one another. If I cannot fulfill an order, I know who to refer my customers to and vise versa. Especially if I create the same things as my referral.

On this blog page, we want to know:

  1. Your business history

  2. Why you chose this business

  3. Who you do it for

  4. Your inspiration

  5. How long it took to learn

  6. What you want to learn

  7. Your challenges

  8. The do's and don'ts

Every business that I invite will have their own day to shine. I will send an invite by email, there will be a link to allow permission to create a blog post. Create as many blog subjects as possible and add as many pictures that support your topic. I will review and edit the blog before publishing.


  • No current politics

  • No slandering other businesses

  • No false or negative accusations

  • No judgements on other peoples lifestyles

  • No nudity

What you can write about

  • Your family

  • Your religion

  • Your gender status

  • Other business reviews

Blogging help

Here are some helpful links that could help you get started with blogging. I am also starting out but I would like to keep a momentum going.

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