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So I have ADHD and social anxiety. It makes a lot of sense now. I am 24 and I recently got an official diagnosis. I always thought my introvertedness and horoscope (cancer) was to blame for my whole personality. Maybe it plays a part in it, but having both diagnosis' means that I am stuck in my head a LOT. It's not necessarily a bad thing, because I quite enjoy myself and my thoughts. It's where all my bright ideas come from. Of course my focus and memory are compromised and are not included with being introverted. In complete honesty, I type how I think. My punctuality might not make sense at times.

Proof read? Yeah right.....


I love making things. I have always been a visual learner. Art class was the best even though I hardly spoke to anyone in that class besides the teacher. I learned to crochet in my elementary age. I didn't regularly keep up with the craft since I couldn't make anything besides granny squares. So that was something that quickly bore me. I learned to knit in high school after I watched my Great Aunt do some knitting and I thought "Hey that's cool!" so hello YouTube!

Quickly after learning the basics of knitting, I started selling hats to help pay for my college books. I thought, " it's really cool to earn money by making things" so I started a custom order business. I learned a lot about pricing, budgeting, marketing, and social media.

From doing custom orders, I realized how difficult it was to push these orders out. There was little motivation for me as an artist to keep making so many different large projects. I was asked to make complete baby sets, blankets, socks and scarves. Honestly, I started disliking the craft.

I found that making small quick projects and perfecting those were great for me.

Let me tell you why:

When I had a baby set to complete it is usually includes baby shoes, diaper cover, and baby hat or crown. That is one order. Every item itself did not take long to complete but the whole set together would take HOURS! And for that to be marketed as ONE item as a SET, was drastic for me to continue making. I can make baby blankets with chunky yarn. But when it comes to making detailed stitching, cabling, lace edging for baby blankets, the project becomes so time consuming, I start to lose focus and motivation. The project seems to never end, and for me, that becomes a problem. It wasn't because I didn't have enough time, it was because I was losing gratification from starting a project and the excitement of starting a project to seeing the end result. I have to see the end result to feel good about my craft.

It's not that people with ADHD are lazy, it's because we have to set smaller goals in order to achieve a larger goal.

I fixed my motivational rut by making more headbands, cotton face scrubbies, hats, and earrings. All different colors and patterns to appeal more desirable.

Once I figured out building inventory takes a long time, I started venturing out to purchasing wholesale items. Handmade soaps became my first venture away from yarn crafts. Introducing Pastures and Pine artisan goats milk soaps! Amazing soaps from a small farm in Montana.

I quickly started obsessing over soaps and all soap making techniques such as melt and pour bases, cold processed and hot processed lye soaps. I did research on everything. I watched countless YouTube videos and visited all wholesale websites and price compared including shipping charges on different companies. Once I got brave enough to try and make a batch on my own with a raw recipe. I took charge and made my first loaf of soap made from olive oil and coconut oil. Because it was primarily olive oil, it took a loooonnngggg time to harden. I also learned that using vanilla scented fragrance oil would turn my soap caca brown unless I add titanium dioxide to whiten the color.

As I made more money from my current inventory, I invested more in my new hobby and I played with more recipes and researched different oils and butters I could use and what the hardness of everything available to me is. Items such as lye, olive oil, coconut oil, and shea butter are readily available at Wally World for a cheaper price for what I need to experiment. And then birthed my new handmade soap line. Making soaps is significantly cheaper to do than purchasing wholesale.

I learned what additives I could incorporate with my soaps, what raw food items are healthy for your skin. I test it on myself for bubble quality and what it does after I rinse it off. But bottom line, my new hobby because my new baby. My greatest accomplishment until..... I have to wait 4-6 weeks for my soap to harden to prolong the life of my bars.

6 weeks is a long time to wait. So not long after making 5 bars of soaps back to back, here comes my new obsession over candles. Same story, different font. But I quickly got bored of candles because it's just too easy, the market is flooded with simple candles, what can I do to differentiate a candle? Now I start to obsess over candles. Different waxes, finding only fragrances that are compatible with soaps because I Do Not want to mess that up! After trial and error with waxes and wicks, I finally figured out my frosted candles. The process takes a lot of work but the end results are amazing!

If that's not enough, it took a whole year to perfect my Hipper Zipper Scrunchies.

Yay for new hobbies because I evolved my business to include multiple handmade items that are perfect gifts. Sometimes it's an impulse. Sometimes it makes zero sense when I explain it but it's all part of my whimsical plan. My next idea was creating a mobile boutique which is set to have it's first opening day June 3rd on the First Friday Art Trail!

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