This is for you Grandma

There are still so many things I want to tell you. You have inspired me to be strong and be creative. I will miss your stories.

Stories about your childhood. My favorite one is about your father picking watermelons and he would bring them home and cut it up for all the neighborhood kids. You said how he would save the inside core for you and your sisters because it is the best part of a watermelon. Anytime you watched me eat watermelon, you always told me that story.

You always reminded me how shy I was when I was little. I used to hide behind you anytime a stranger would come up to talk. I didn't like strangers. I tended to glare into their soul. That never bothered you, you understood me.

You told me how proud you were of me. From graduating college to starting my business. And I will never forget the smile on your face when I told you what I was naming my business.

AliAliOoop is more than a cute ring. I named it because you will always be with me and I promise this will be a success. "Aliali-ooop-ooop" was what you called me while you did a little dance and clapped your hands in the kitchen. You were always excited when I came to visit.

I miss your permed hair. I miss your spam and potatoes. I miss you.

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