Writers Block for a Crafter

As a business owner, it gets very discouraging when you can't find the motivation to create. I have to create inventory that may or may not sell. What I do make is loaded and ready to go, but it is now out of season and I must come up with new products to keep relevant. I have to stay active on social media and update my website. But sometimes I don't want to.

I work full-time. I come home and head to the gym. Then I make dinner and spend time with my family. Then, I go to bed and start over. If I have an order open, I fulfill it quickly so I can get back to life.

Weekends I just want to enjoy my family's company. I want to sleep in and make breakfast. Then we have our errands to run and if I get home in time, I will start a project. But what is the most difficult part is start a project that I need multiple days to complete.

What else is there? What's trending that I could whip up? We all know resin products are through the roof currently, but trying out a new skill is not in my budget nor do I have space for it or the time for trial and error.

I love candle making but, (there is always a 'but') they need to stand out from the rest. They also sell better in person. Markets are still not ideal for me with COVID being alive and well.

All I know is my next idea has to work and be worth it. I'm not looking for a get-rich-quick scheme. I'm looking for something with value for both me and my customers.

That is also why I can't stick to one item because trends are always changing and if I stick to one thing that no one likes, I have to find the next thing. I'll make more Caramel Frappe to my shop this weekend and I will see where that takes me.

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